Name: Necromancer
Price: 75.00 USD

As the highest available donor rank on Evening Hills, the Necromancer has access to the following commands and abilities:

/recipe - Check the recipe of anything, without having to open up the wiki

/pweather - Set personal weather to clear and say goodbye to rain

/nameplate - Set a custom nameplate prefix and suffix for yourself

/nick - Give yourself a new nickname

/hat - Wear nearly any item on your head

/ride - Ride a mob you're looking at

/condense - Condense items in your inventory - coal into coal blocks etc

/uncondense - Uncondense inventory - diamond blocks into diamonds etc

/trash - Opens chest GUI to easily get rid of unwanted inventory items

/rename - Rename any item in hand without the use of an anvil

/head - Get your own head

/time - View the in game world time - useful when you're underground

/c - Crafting table GUI

* Necromancer Prefix in chat

* Bypass full server limit

*Use color codes on signs

*Use color codes in anvils

*Speedometer while using elytra

*Access to ALL playerparticles (/pp) effects and styles

*Access to ALL /pet options, and able to use colors in pet names